Jim Kouzes, MCEC
Author of the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge
“From the first conversation to the last, and from the opening of the event until I departed, everyone was extraordinarily gracious and supportive. What an inspiring and engaging group of people. I am honored to have been invited to be the opening speaker, and I hope that I was able to respond to the needs of the participants.”

Frank Wagner
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
“What made the MEECO 2017 conference so special is its focus on quality versus size. The chemistry among the speakers and the equally attendees made for an intimacy not found in most conferences. This attribute is how the 2018 conference will be designed and marketed.”

Eileen Broer, MCEC
CEO, The Human Dimension
“The ACEC 2017 conference was unique in several wonderful ways. The size was smaller and more intimate, which encouraged learning from and networking with all the attendees, and they were all mastery level coaches who work at the top of the house. Everyone was there to learn and exchange ideas. No one was there to sell anything. The atmosphere was open and collaborative, fun and rich with coaching gems.”

Jordan Goldrich, MCEC
COO, CustoMatrix
“This incredible conference is designed for internal and external executives, thought leaders, top tier executive coaches, and executive consultants who are trusted advisors for senior leaders in major organizations. The attendees of this conference are the top executive coaches in the world.”

Jennifer Gerves-Keen, MCEC, M.A.
“Quality of speakers; it’s rare that I don’t ‘check-out’ of a couple of conference sessions because I already know it or the presenter is not up-to-date – didn’t happen at MEECO! Even if I was familiar with the content (which only happened in 2 presentations) the discussions around it with other attendees were first-class. I felt like I was being “pulled up” by the people in the room for the first time in a very long time. I have already rolled a lot of the information from the conference into different coaching and training conversations with clients. High-quality conversations about where coaching should be going in the future and what we can do to accelerate organizations’ development & business success.”

JoAnne Henein
Co-Founder & CMO
More Clients More Fun
“The level of attendees is second to none, including the level of speakers and thought leaders present. They are the cream-of-the-crop corporate executive coaches and L&D leaders from the best of the Fortune 50, yet are driven by the deepest humility, the greatest generosity of spirit, and the most brilliant vision for impacting organizations and all the lives they touch. They will not only inspire, guide, and challenge you to new heights, but partner with you to make extraordinary things happen.”

Fred Diamond
Co-founder & Principal at E-Coach Associates
“The conference was really wonderful – absolutely FIRST CLASS! Informative and most of all INSPIRATIONAL! Thanks for making it happen CB – you and your team did a masterful job!”

Ana Melikian
More Clients More Fun
“The MEECO Conference exceeded my expectations. Top keynote speakers such as Jim Kouzes. Lots of opportunities to interact with speakers and other participants. Love the quality of the networking there, amazing, high-quality executive coaches. I already blocked the dates for the 2018 MEECO conference in Colorado.”

Mike Kublin
President at PeopleTek Coaching, Creator of The Leadership Journey I and II
Why would you attend in 2018?
“I would attend in 2018 because of several factors: 1) the level of attendees and expertise are what I need to keep current and forward thinking in the coaching industry 2) the size of the event is what I prefer for learning 3) I loved meeting the MEECO Designation earners learning about their accomplishments and finding out what is needed for true cultural transformation.”

Ursula Pottinga, CPCC, PCC, CNTC, Co-Founder Beabove Leadership, President of Profound Growth
“Small, intimate, being able to really get to know individuals. Relevant speakers addressing the needs of Executive coaches, Great connections, good learning!”

Timi Gleason
Senior Coach – Leadership Development & Strategic Thinking for Senior Managers
“This was my first MEECO Conference. The location, the programs, and the quality of the group were first class. Thank you for a memorable conference!”

Anna Pool, M.A., MCEC
Organizational Development Executive Coach and Consultant
“The 2017 MEECO conference was unlike any other professional association conference I have attended in my 20-year career as an executive coach and consultant. The attendees were true peers to me, experts in their fields, thought leaders in their own right, and caring, ethical professionals who were eager to learn about the cutting edge methodology I presented on leading change through shared vision. I found all the presentations to be insightful, relevant and helped me further my thinking in terms of the future of the executive coaching industry.”

Cynthia Burnham, MBA, BCC
Leadership Coach Speaker, Author
“This was the best conference I’ve attended in years. Every single speaker and session was full of practical, relevant, mind-shifting information, and every attendee I met was interesting. I loved it and will definitely attend in 2018.”

Dr. Catherine Carr PCC, RCC
Leadership Career & Team Coaching Counselling Services
“This was an amazing group of supportive and highly experienced coaches – a privilege to learn alongside them!”

Elie Dahner
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
“I was humbled by the level of attendees. They all have years of experiences and lots of knowledge in their field that made the exchange and the learning very valuable. ACEC has done a fine job in their rigorous selection process to attract and retain top talent of elite professionals.”

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