Mercedes Martin Speaker, Coach, Sustainability Mindset Consultant

Mercedes Martin

Senior executives today face both incredible opportunities and difficult dilemmas. They often are making decisions among competing priorities, while knowing the next disruption is just around the corner. The buck stops here.

No maps exist for today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world: the change is too rapid. Maps are from yesterday, not meant for today, and even less relevant for tomorrow. However, there are tools and frameworks that can help executives better navigate the global environment and create sustainable business ecosystems.

Mercedes Martin, CEO of Mercedes Martin & Company, brings verve, new light and guidance to business transformation, disruption, and innovation. Her work has been pivotal to building high-performing global teams, improving cross-cultural communication, and introducing global diversity programs in West Africa, European and Latin American countries, as well as in the United States and Canada

Mercedes is a compelling and engaging speaker who’s sought after for keynote and breakout presentations, as well as interactive workshops, panels, and webinars to corporate, non-profit and association groups around the world. She spent nearly a decade at Ernst & Young (EY) as a talent development and organizational change consultant, as well as a certified executive coach. Her experience includes consulting, facilitating, and coaching internal leaders across the Americas to align market and talent strategies by building high performing global teams, including global leaders brought together via mergers and acquisitions.

A graduate of the University of Miami, Mercedes received a Masters’ Degree in Leadership Development from the University of San Francisco. Her additional training and certifications include organizational development, diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural conflict resolution and program design and development. She is certifi ed in sustainable leadership by Cambridge University.

Whether it’s by delving into Samba School as a way to analyze Brazilian business culture, teaching storytelling and personal narratives techniques to bring about connection and empathy, or facilitating a dialogue about race, class, and gender in the work force–Mercedes weaves together the political, social, and economic impact of a topic to establish a cultural context for the audience and the work at hand.

“Mercedes’ great mix of corporate and military experience, combined with academic knowledge and cultural diversity, makes her both unique and super effective.” —R. Lazarus, COO, EY Latin America Region.

“We lovingly refer to her as the ‘bruja’ … she holds the group together like magic.” —Senior Partner, Colombia

“Mercedes made it safe for us to trust and be authentic…. by not missing a beat on what’s going on in the room. It’s like she knew what I was thinking and called me out each time.” —Senior Practice Leader, Brasil

“Mercedes was able to deliver a compelling blend of authentic and loving truth-telling to create a complete shift in several of our people, including some of our executives.” —Milca Esdaille, Weatherby Healthcare

“A blend of military command, Berkeley intellectual, and Latin spice that kept us all laughing— even crying at times—but always engaged—sharing our stories and doing ‘deep work’ in a very short time.” —Leader in New York City
Mercedes can tailor a talk or discussion on any of these topics for your executives, leaders or groups. As a native Spanish speaker, she off ers all presentations in English or Spanish.

Recent Topics:
• The Sustainability Mindset for a Complex World
• Leadership Agility for Business Transformation
• Storytelling as a Leadership Tool
• Collective Impact: Building the Latino Leadership Pipeline
• Building High Performing Global Teams
• The ROI and ROE of Executive Coaching
• Sobre Mesa: A Deep and Honest Conversation About Diversity & Inclusion

Recent Speaking Engagements:
• 3D
• American Express
• Cambridge University Sustainable Leadership Program
• Coca Cola
• The Conference Board
• Consumer Union
• CORE (National Conference On Race And Ethnicity)
• EY (Ernst &Young)
• GRID Alternatives
• How Women Lead (Women Network Organization)
• LinkedIn
• National ORN Organizational Development Network (ODN)
• Nova University (Fort Lauderdale)
• PepsiCo
• Shell Oil
• SIETAR (Society Of Intercultural Education, Training And Research)
• South Florida Organizational Development Network (ODN)
• Stanford University
• UC Berkeley Conference on Diversity



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