About MEECO* Leadership Institute™

(*Measuring Excellence in the Use of Executive Coaching, Employee Enhancement, and Corporate Culture in Organizations)

The MEECO Leadership Institute™ is an inclusive community of organizations connected across the globe around our shared interest and our deep dedication to using a futurist mindset to tackle the world’s biggest challenges related to the management of talent. We are a 501C3 education not-for-profit think tank, research and information/ resource sharing Institute for corporations, institutions, and government agencies interested in improving the employee experience which will improve the structures bottom line.

Our goal is to partner with various universities and organizations worldwide to conduct leading edge research in the areas of innovation for workforce enrichment and the management of talent, to positively impact the bottom line. We offer a designation to organizations showing exemplary work in the area of employment sciences™. It is a symbol that certain organizations have achieved excellence through weaving concepts of executive coaching, employee enrichment, and profitability into the fabric of their culture.





Through the MEECO Designation the Institute recognizes organizations that display best-in-class use of employment sciences™. The application process for the MEECO Designation™ has two focal points:

1) It serves as a checkpoint to organizations to indicate if they are on the road to meet their goals and success measures
2) It serves the purpose of identifying those organizations that represent best-in-class standards and execution in the use of one or more of these areas to positively impact business results and shareholder and stakeholder value  www.meeco-institute.org/

-Executive Coaching
-Employee Enhancement
-Corporate Culture


MEECO Designation Application Process

The application process for the MEECO Designation™ has the purpose of identifying those organizations that positively impact business results and shareholder and stakeholder value. Coaching is defined here as a one-on-one contractual relationship between a specifically trained and experienced coach and an employee. Its objective is the achievement of one or more development goals designed to help employees to expand their capability to perform the responsibilities of their current role, and prepare them to be better able to handle the challenges of their next and subsequent assignments. It includes facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another. The coach may be internal or external to the organization. Employee Enrichment and corporate culture may or may not be the result of Executive Coaching. However, standards, systems, policy, and procedure must support your program, and the program must be measurable with defined systems for sustainability. Criteria in assessing how your organization uses these areas effectively, the assigning of the MEECO Designation is based on:

-Demonstrates existing success
-Has and adheres to standards, practices, & procedures
-Demonstrates inclusion in who is selected to benefit in your organization
-Uses benchmarks to compare and contrast effectiveness
-Measures ROI using valid and reliable methods
-Integrates processes and procedures for sustainability




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